Things to Consider When Contemplating Divorce

The divorce process is very painful and tedious, so it is essential to know that a divorce is the best option for you and your partner.

Today, we are sharing more things to think about and ask yourself when thinking about divorce.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Divorce

Have You Made Your Feelings Clear?

Have you done everything to communicate your frustration? Your partner cannot read your mind. And sometimes, so much of a relationship is communication or lack of communication.

Using the silent treatment or avoiding conflict versus communicating exactly how frustrated won’t set you up for clear communication.

Communication style is important too. Everyone communicates differently, so having a conversation about how you need to be heard can help.

What Can You Do to Change and What Can Your Partner Do to Change?

After really discussing the issues in the relationship, you then need to decide if those can be fixed. If it is something that you and your partner can and are willing to work on and work through, that should be the first step.

There might be a level of pain and unhappiness on your part or their part that just is nonrepairable. You need to decide if your partner is irreconcilable or if it is the relationship. And if it’s the relationship, there’s a much greater chance that it can be fixed. A partner might not be fixable, but a relationship can be repaired.

Couples Counseling

Counseling is always a great option to explore before committing to a divorce. A professional can help you define your communication barriers and help you clearly convey your thoughts.

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