The Stages of a Marriage

As a divorce attorney, you work with your clients at all stages of their marriages. is here today to walk through each of those stages to help you and your client determine if divorce is really the solution.

Keep in mind that a stage is temporary; it is something that every marriage goes through in different ways. In contrast, a state is something that lasts for multiple stages or even throughout the entire marriage.

When contemplating divorce, let’s think a little bit about where you are in a typical marriage stage.

The Honeymoon Stage

The honeymoon stage is typically within one year of marriage. There can be a lot of stress in this stage as you’re learning to adjust to living alongside your partner. A lot of divorces tend to happen within this stage as couples haven’t even been able to identify the state of the marriage yet.

Three Years In

You’ve been living together for a while, and now you’re starting to understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths. It’s during this time that the state of the marriage, positive or negative, can define the rest of the relationship.

Five Years In

Year five is typically when you’re starting to have children, and all sorts of additional pressures are starting to get applied to the marriage. That first state defined prior to children really gets stressed as you move forward in a positive or negative direction.

Seven Years In

Year seven can be a typical year where a crisis can often happen. You’re in a routine, and maybe something changes with children or finances or work. Based on the state of the marriage, this stage can have a really negative effect on the future.

Twelve Years In

Year twelve – the kids are getting older and more independent. Now it’s a question of “What is keeping us together? What is going to happen when the kids leave? Are we in a positive place that I want to spend the rest of my life with this person?”

Empty Nesters

It won’t surprise you to know that at this stage, a high percentage of people tend to get divorced. This is because they finally realize that the state of their marriage is negative, and they don’t have any more stages left.

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