Should Your Clients Get Divorced? is a software that is designed with divorce attorneys in mind. Our goal is to help you help your clients through the process of separating their assets and their debts. But before you go through the whole process, it is helpful to ensure that your client and their partner are sure that divorce is the only option.

Resources for Divorce Attorneys

Being a divorce attorney isn’t easy; there are a lot of emotions every day that can take their toll on you. Our software is here to help make this process less emotional for you but mostly for your clients.

However, the best way to avoid those painful emotions is by helping the clients realize what they really want and need, and that is not always going to be a divorce. Of course, there are cases when divorce is the only option, but many times, differences can be settled by looking further into the relationship.

A divorce can be incredibly painful, expensive, and time-consuming, and it’s not always the answer. We ask our clients to ask their clients to do some introspection – have them exam their own mental and emotional processes as it relates to the relationship. It’s more than just looking at the pros and cons.

What You Can Ask Them:

  • Have you done everything you could have to save or help the marriage?
  • When you were happy, why were you happy?
  • Is the reason things have gotten bad serious enough to give it up?
  • What is the cost of staying vs. leaving? Not just financially but emotionally.
  • Are you ready to work on the relationship and consider working on it versus going through with the divorce?

If the issue is the relationship and not you or the partner, then it is probably worth thinking about therapy or marital counseling.

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