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Rational or Emotional Decisions

You’re thinking about divorce – are you being rational, or are you being emotional? Is a situation influencing your decision? So maybe you or your partner had an affair, or maybe there was a recent death in the family that has put strain on your marriage.

Things like affairs and death can bring up a lot of unwanted emotions in a relationship in an otherwise healthy marriage. If those feelings have led you to a divorce attorney, you’re acting on emotion.

When you step into a divorce attorney’s office, you want to be as rational as possible because emotional decision-making can cloud your judgment. This incident might have a great effect on your marriage, but is it enough to end the marriage?

Reasonable Expectations

A marriage is a continuum; there is give and take, and it isn’t perfect. A common issue in any relationship is when one or both partners have unreasonable expectations. It’s also important to note that expectations can and will change along the way.

So, as part of that give and take, you need to evaluate yourself and say, “Well, how have my expectations changed, and am I putting reasonable expectations on my partner and on my relationship?”

Working on the Marriage

Every marriage is different, and the events and characteristics of our partners can greatly influence our journey. But it is essential to know that when you do make your decision that it was made without clouded judgment and after much reflection.

Seeking a marriage counselor can help both sides in a partnership so that they are making the right choices for themselves and for their marriage.

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