Do I Really Want a Divorce? is a helpful tool for both divorce attorneys and couples considering divorce to help ease the process. We offer many resources to help make the process of divorce less emotional, but we also offer helpful videos such as this one to help married couples determine if divorce is truly the best option for them.

Consider Why You Want a Divorce?

It is important to first consider why you want a divorce. You have to really think about when you’re making that big step to go to a divorce attorney. Is it because you think it will fix the other person? Is it because the threat of getting a divorce or the fact that you’re seeing a divorce attorney might solve the problems that you’re having? These things won’t help the marriage; in fact, it will only help end it.

You have to contemplate if you are still in love with this person and if they still bring you joy. And if your partner is still bringing you joy, then you really should be thinking about marriage counseling first.

There is so much pain and struggle that happens in the divorce process. So, if there is still joy and love left in the marriage seeking a therapist might be a much better step versus an initial consult with the divorce attorney.

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