How Family Asset Allocator works for a Family Law Attorney

As a family law attorney, one of the most time-consuming parts of your job is trying to define your client's net worth, getting them to provide a list of assets and debts and finally getting them to agree on the allocation of everything.

Why Choose was designed to eliminate the most stressful part of a divorce by allowing your client to quickly and easily establish their asset lists.

You simply provide them with a link, and they can create their list and share it with you.

4 Simple Steps for You to Use

Send Your Client's Link

Provide your clients with a link to and have them login to begin.

They Build Their List

Easy to use interface for your clients to add and organize all of their assets and debts.

They Assign Joy Values™

Joy Values™  provide the intrinsic, non-cash value of the meaning something has to a client.

Client Completes Their List

Once they click "done," the list is ready for your review. You can print a marital estate worksheet for review with the opposing attorney.

What Makes So Unique?

Our easy to use tool allows you and your client to save time and prevent headaches while allocating their marital assets. The most useful feature that provides is the Joy Value™  feature.

Joy Values™  allow your clients to rank their personal and real property assets with nonmonetary values, with a limit of 100 points total to assign to all assets. Whichever assets bring the client the most joy will have the highest values. This allows your clients to prioritize their assets so the allocation process can be easier to negotiate.

Invite a Client to Signup

If you are a family law attorney,
can be a powerful tool for you and your clients. Contact us today to learn more.