Software Designed with Divorce Attorneys in Mind

A simple and easy to use tool; built for you and your clients to save time and eliminate stress.

What is

We have been where your clients are; helps make some of the most difficult parts of the process easy and painless. With our tool, your clients can create lists of their assets and debts and then share those lists with you. This information can then be easily exported to be shared with opposing counsel.

Why Choose

Straightforward. Organized. Collaborative.

We created to be as easy as possible to use. Your clients can quickly and efficiently organize their assets and debts and clearly communicate that information.

Not only does this resource help your clients easily organize their list, but it also helps you ensure a smooth negotiation.

Unique Joy Value™  Tool

The Joy Value™ software tool is unique to This tool allows your client to assign a numerical value to their personal and real property assets regardless of its financial worth. The greater the value, the more they would like to or keep that asset after the divorce is final, but clients only have 100 points to assign across all assets. The Joy Value™ tool forces a client to look at their possessions in a different way, outside the emotion of their relationship to their spouse.


The Tool to Manage One Of The Complex Parts Of The Divorce Process

Help your clients and yourself by providing them with the tools they need to make the asset allocation process straightforward, organized, and simple.